The Story Of Revenge Chapter 2

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So we stepped in high school, and the real competition began. I became the class president, the freshmen’s governor and I ran as the one of the schools’ officer. I joined almost all of the clubs, I joined the school’s news paper team, the singing and dancing club of the school was on my list too. But my schedule became overloaded so I have to give some of it. But still, my competition with Gale was successful cause obviously I won over Gale almost everything. It doesn’t matter if I’m being fair with Gale or not as long as I am winning. But still, there is the guilt that was bothering me, so in return I tried to be the best of friend to Gale.

The plan to be the best daughter was perfect! It was successful. Dad visits us more often since then. He was so happy every time I tell him stories about my accomplishments. “You’re much better than Gale”. That was like the best thing I’ve ever heard from dad.

But something unexpected happened, Gale’s mother knew about us. Mom called dad unfortunately Gale’s mom answered the phone. Then Gale started telling me stories about her mom and our dad arguing more often- I don’t know if that’s good news for me or not. As time passed by, Gale’s parents’ fight got worst and worst. It was so worst that dad have to leave them. Dad lived with us for a couple of months, me and my mom were so happy that dad is with us that I don’t care if Gale’s crying all the time.

Then there was this Saturday night that dad answered a phone call that made him jump out of his bed at the middle of the night and he left with his pajamas on. We thought it was just a business emergency, but dad didn’t go home the next day. Mom sent him like 10 voice messages but he didn’t even call back. So I tried to contact Gale to know if maybe dad’s with them, but Gale didn’t answer any of my calls or text messages-and that’s unusual, cause usually whenever I text Gale she answers back immediately.

The next day-Monday- I thought of approaching Gale in school first thing in the morning to know if dad’s with them but didn’t went to school that day. We haven’t heard anything from dad from a week now, and Gale’s still absent. I told mom that I’m planning to visit Gale in their house to see if dad’s there but mom didn’t agree with me, she said dad might get angry. So we did nothing but to wait for dad to call. After a week and 3 days dad called, I was watching mom as she talks to dad on the phone then suddenly she cried.

“Please, Honey don’t do this to us, I’m begging you, please don’t”.

“What’s wrong mom?”.

“N-No! Don’t hang up! Let’s talk about this!”. Then the phone slipped from mom’s hand then mom fainted. So I called for help. Good thing the neighbours were too kind to help me bring mom to the hospital. I was calling dad but he didn’t even bothered to answer.

I left mom in the hospital while she’s still unconscious. I went home to get her some of her things she could use while she’s in the hospital. Then as I was packing some of mom’s shirts I heard dad’s car so I went downstairs immediately, there I saw dad, then I hugged him so tight.

“Dad, good thing you’re here. I was so afraid, I didn’t know what to do, mom fainted she’s still unconscious in the hospital. The doctor said she had a nervous breakdown”. I was waiting for him to talk but dad didn’t say a thing. Then I noticed a big bag and two more small bags beside him.

“What’s that for dad? Are those mom’s things? Aren’t those too much? Does mom need all of that?”.

“It’s mine Izzy”. Whoa! I thought he’s never gonna talk again-but then I thought, what’s he going to do with those bags. Then I remembered mom’s last words while talking to dad before she fainted. My eyes opened widely when I realized what’s going on. I looked at dad, then I started to cry.

“Please tell me I’m wrong! Tell me!!!” I shouted.

Dad just closed his eyes and said… “I’m sorry sweetheart. I really am sorry. I love you, I always will. I just have to this. Please take care of your mom and yourself. Ok?”. He gave an envelope full of money “Take this”. He said, kissed my forehead and then he left.

I was so curious why dad left us so suddenly, so I went to their house. I rang the door bell, then one of their maids went out.

“Uhm. Hello, good evening, is Gale there? I’m her friend, Lizzy.”

“Oh. I’m sorry but Gale’s not here”.

“Oh. Is that so… Where is she? She with her parents? Where did they go?”.

“The Hillsman family went to the hospital, they had to confine Mrs. Hillsman because she’s badly ill and she has to undergo an operation. So you better go home now”.

“Oh. Ok, thank you”. I went back to the hospital, I was gone for a while, maybe mom’s already awake.

“Where the hell have you been Izzy!?”.

“I got you some shirts here mom, you wanna change?”.

“No! I want to go home!”.

“You need to have a rest mom”.

“But sweetheart, I should be there when your dad goes home, we need to talk”.

“He’s not going home anymore mom”.

“W-What are you talking about!?”.

“I’ll tell you everything when you’re strong enough to handle it Ok!? I don’t want you to faint again…”.

“Oh c’mon!! Just spit it out! Who said I’m not strong enough to handle things!”.

“Gosh mom! You fainted while talking to dad on phone! Now tell me your strong enough!”.

“Just tell it, I can’t wait anymore!”.

“Gosh! Stop acting like a child mom!”.

“And stop acting like an old lady Lizzy Tyler!”.

“I said I’m gonna tell you what dad said when your strong enough to handle it! And when I know the whole story already”. I threw mom a shirt, “there! You go change your shirt! Then take a rest”. I became more desperate to find Gale; I really need to know what really happened.




  1. Jessica said,

    I enjoyed reading that, especially the dialogue.

    • my mind said,

      I’m sorry if there are some grammatical errors…I’m new in blogging..-have no idea actually

  2. my mind said,

    thank you.. i never thought anyone would ever like it.. 🙂

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