The Story Of Revenge Chapter 3

February 11, 2011 at 10:53 am (Novels, stories, writings) (, , , , )

I went back to dad’s house, not because I want to see or talk to him- because I know he’s not going to tell me anything- I just want to see Gale there, because she’s the one I want to talk with. I slept outside their house that night. The wait was worth it because the next day-around 6 a.m.-Gale went home, she saw me sitting beside their gate…sleeping. Actually I was awakened by her; she asked what am I doing there. I hugged her the moment I saw her to make her believe that I was there because I miss her.

“Hey… I was worried, where the hell have you been? Why aren’t you answering my calls?”.

“How long have you been here?”.

“Since last night…what happened? Your maid said your mom’s in hospital, how’s she doing? She alright?”.

“Since last night!? Are you serious? I’m sorry Lizzy, I never thought you’re that serious about this that you even slept outside our house…awwww…I really am sorry Lizzy”.

“Of course I am that serious! I’m your best friend, remember!? So…about your mom?”

“Let’s talk about it inside, have breakfast with me.”

We went inside their gorgeous big house; we went in their dining room, we talked about her mom while eating breakfast.

“After mom knew about dad’s other woman, and after he left us for a couple of months…mom won’t eat; can’t sleep either…all she does is crying. And it made her cancer worst. So we have to take her to the hospital, she have to stay there for a while. And she needs to undergo an operation… Good thing dad went home after he knew about mom’s condition.”

“Ohh…that’s what happened.”

“Now you know why I wasn’t able to call you back. I hope you understand, I hope you’re not mad at me.”

“N-No!! Not at all! Why would I be mad? Know what, I’m gonna tell mom to pray for your mom. We’ll both pray for your mom’s health.”

“Thank you so much Lizzy, much appreciated. You’re the best friend ever.”

“That’s what friends are for.”

That’s when I figured it all out. Dad left us because of his wife’s condition. I want to cry by that time, I really want to. Good thing Gale has to go back to the hospital after we ate breakfast. She wants to drive me home but I refused. The moment she left, I cried my eyes out. I thought dad chose us, and he will never leave us no matter what happen. I thought we’re the one he loves now, not his legitimate wife and daughter. But I was wrong, he still loves his them than us. It hurts so badly; it really hurts. One more thing bothers me, I don’t know how to tell mom; I don’t know how’s she gonna take this; I don’t even know if she can take this. This is so hard for me. Isn’t this too much for a 13 year old girl?


I went back in the hospital to check mom’s condition. The doctor said mom’s condition isn’t serious so I discharged her that instance. She needs to have a long rest so that she can have all the strength she needs. I know how weak mom can be when it comes to dad.

“Hey mom… How are you? I already paid the hospital bill, we can go home now.”

“Where have you been? Are you aware that you left your mom alone while she’s in the hospital?”

“I just have to…to…to do…something, that’s why…Mom let’s not talk about it ok?”

Not talk about it!?”

“Mom! Would you please give me a break!? Please!!!”


“Haha…funny… Whatever mom! C’mon! Let’s hit the road! Don’t you miss our house?

Mom smiled “I don’t miss our house sweetheart. I miss you dad”

“The taxi’s waiting downstairs…we don’t wanna keep the driver waiting”. I gave her a big smile, but deep inside my heart is breaking little by little.



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