The Story Of Revenge Chapter 4

February 11, 2011 at 11:23 am (Novels, stories, writings) (, , , , )

I can’t sleep because mom can’t sleep. I cry because mom cries…all day…all night.

It’s been a month since dad left us. Mom’s acting like that for a month. So I decided to tell her the truth.

“Mom? I…I want to tell you something,”

“Is it about your dad?.”


“Is he coming home!?”

I started to cry…  “No mom. He’s not.”

“Why the heck are you crying!?…uhhhh…Did…Did he told you when he’s coming home?”

“He’s not coming home mom… He’s never gonna come back home.”

“W-What are saying!? You’re kidding right? Stop lying!!”

“I’m not lying mom!! He’s with his wife now, his…legitimate wife. His wife’s cancer is getting worst because of us. So dad decided to be with her, his wife needs him.”

“What about us!? We need him too…What if..What if we tell him I’m badly ill too? Maybe he comes back when he knew that.”

“Mom, why don’t we just give up. His legitimate family is still more important than us.”

“Give up?”

“We don’t have a chance to win him back because in the first place, he was never ours.”

“Yeah…yeah…yeah!!” she laughed so hard, then suddenly she cried. I hugged mom so tight. Seeing mom so broken breaks me.

I wondered, what if Gale’s mom didn’t knew about us, maybe her cancer wouldn’t be so worst that dad have to leave us. Then I realized that I ended up blaming mom and myself for what happened.

I left mom in her room when she fell asleep after crying so hard. We had a long day, we need to have a long rest…

I woke up late the next day; I went to mom’s room the moment I woke up-she’s  not there. I went downstairs, looked for her in the kitchen-not there either. My heart began to beat faster. I went back in her room, I noticed that the shower room was open; when I saw mom’s feet inside the shower room, I calmed down. But when I went inside the shower room, my eyes widened, there were blood all over her and all over the floor and a blade full of blood; mom was there, lying on the floor…lifeless.




  1. Jessica said,

    Oh yes I remember your story now, I commented on an earlier part!
    The ending sounds kinds final but maybe it’s not…
    Well written.

  2. my mind said,

    ohw it’s not finished yet, have more chapters ahead, it’s just that i don’t have enough time to finish it (too many school works in college)

  3. lolamouse said,

    I just started reading your story. Went back a few episodes and then read this last one. Very dramatic! Sounds like it could be a soap opera. You’ve got me hooked! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • my mind said,

      thank you so much you liked it…and because of that…i’m gonna make the next chapters better!! thank you again 🙂

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