Love Forgives and Forgets

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This started when me and my ex boyfriend started fighting more often. Then this day came when our argument got worst and leads to break up. We still have communication-text and call each other- trying to fix things but unfortunately we ended up blaming each other. And it can’t get any worst.

Because of what happened his attitude towards me has changed. He could resist me. He doesn’t text me, visit me at school, etc, etc,. I mean he’s not that, he doesn’t do all that. He just suddenly changed. And it all happened in just a week.

So we still have an unfinished business, so we still text and call each other. We did break up, but it’s not official yet. So that means we’re still not allowed to flirt with anybody, besides only a week had passed.

So me and my friends (Wendy and Justine) had an idea… “What if we text him using other cellphone number and pretend like we’re some other girl who likes him?”

Aaand we did it. We texted him “HELLO”..After  few hours he replied “Who’s this?”

“What am I going to say?” I asked Justine. “Invent a name!” she said “How ‘bout TRISH?”.. “TRISH sounds good”

“I’m Trish, I’ve been seeing you in school a lot” I said

“Oh really? Who gave you my number?” he said

“Think of an alibi” Wendy and Justine said…

“He might get angry if I tell you that he gave your number to me” I said

“Why is that so? Hmm.. so what course are you taking up?” he replied

“HRM.. how ‘bout you? What’s your department? Your uniform’s blue shirt right?”

“yeah.. I study BSIT..” he replied

“Ask him if he has a girlfriend” my friend said

“ you have a girlfriend?’ I texted as my heart pounded harder getting more nervous of what’s he’s going to answer. Is it gonna be YES or NO. I wish he says YES I DO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND I thought.

“Actually, we just broke up..hehe(laugh)” he replied

“Ouch!” I said.. I wasn’t expecting that. (In our two years relationship, we had a lot of break ups. And whenever someone asks him did we break up. He’ll answer “NO” even though the truth is we did break up. So I was really surprised when he answered that “WE JUST BROKE UP”. It really hurts, I want to cry but that time)

“Oh, so could I be your new one? Haha..just kidding” I replied

“Haha..funny…so what do you look like?” he said

“OH MY GOSH! Now he’s interested. What a jerk he still know that you guys are still like attached. Right?” my friend said. “Tell him you want to him meet him in person”

“What if we meet in person? There you’ll know what I look like.” I texted.

“Next time maybe.. I’m afraid I might fall in love with you when I met you..haha” he said

That, is what I really did not expect. He never does that with other girls. He never got interested with other girls. That’s when I started to cry, I cried so hard.. “Stop crying” my friends said.. then they were the one texting him when I was crying.

When I can’t take it anymore I texted him and told him who I really am.

“Do you really want to know who gave you cellphone number? Do you know Allicah?”

Then he did not replied for a while, “I did not mean to do that” he said “WTF Nick!! What do you mean you did not mean to do that!!” I feel like my blood’s boiling in so much anger.

The argument lasts for 2 days, he still insists that he did not meant to do what he did. Then I went to his house to talk to him. It’s been a week since we last met. It was the first time we met after the break up.

So we had the talk..”I’m really sorry, I wasn’t serious about everything I said I was just making fun”..”Making fun!? What? You didn’t even thought of’re having fun with your textmate while I’m having a hard time crying because of you? You didn’t even thought of that!? You’re a big jerk Nick! I hate you!!  You know it’s not you, the old you would never do that”

“ I know… but I really don’t know what’s gotten into me.. why I did that.. but please believe me, I still love you. And it will never change. I will love you forever”

“Oh c’mon! do you really think I would believe you!? Why should I believe the guy who wasted my trust!?”

“ I promise I will make it up to you. I will do everything. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

I cried..and cried and cried.. and I felt his warm body hugged me tighter and tighter. I missed that hug. I missed that old him. I closed my eyes because it got hurt because of so much crying. Then I felt his lips kissed my cheeks twice. Those warm hug and kiss, I really missed it. Then he touched my chin, pulled my face towards him, and kissed me. We had a passionate kiss, a kiss that we both missed. While kissing him I felt like he never did something wrong and he really loves me.

But of course I will not let it happened just like that. I will not make up with unless you do something romantic with full of efforts. I want to see your sincerity. “I will do everything just wait…I Love You So So Much..I wish you forgive me..I’ll never do that I again..I promise”

Then we smiled at each other like nothing happened at all…


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The Pretenders

March 8, 2011 at 5:08 pm (writings) ()

I’ve always wanted to know how it feels like, when someone’s opening the car’s door for me, when someones leading my way to my seat, when someone’s greeting me “Goodevening Ma’am”. Well last weekend I experienced all of that, and wew! that was fun.
So me and my two sisters..and my 7year old niece, went to a five star hotel for dinner (that was my first time)-so obviously, i don’t know like what to do or how i should behave,  cause i’m totally aware that all of the people in that resto. were freakin’ rich-unlike us, ofcourse. Maybe you’re asking why or what the hell are we doing there. I mean, that place is for rich people. And we ain’t rich..Well that’s because we’re there…for FREE. My sister’s bestfriend, she’s the one who’s gonna pay for our dinner. (she’s rich, she lives in a condo. worth more than a million pesos, she has a gorgeous phone/phones, she can shop ’till her feet starts to have its own mind and stop by its ownself, she’s just…one of those people…those…….rich people)
So there we are, sittin’, relaxing (well I’m trying), trying to blend in. Behaving at our best,  acting like were “one of them”. So they gave us the menu, I let my sisters order for me, cause i really don’t know what were the words in the menu (i don’t even know if those words in the menu were even food!) and  the price? it kinda made my blood pressure, uhmm..yah know  😀

There were like, two knives at the right side and two forks at the left side, a small plate with a small knife on it. So waitress left, (at last!), then i whispered “you guys know how to use this things?”.  My sister whispered back: “I think you should use the outer fork or knife at the first food that they’ll gonna serve”
As we sit there i feel like everyone’s lookin’ at us, “maybe they were talking about us, or whatsoever” I felt more conscious.
The food was served after 60 years..So we ate, there’s a lot of food..then it’s pizza time, thats when i gave up! I mean, heellooo!!! We’re eating pizza using a fork and a knife! That really pissed me off. I put down the fork and knife, and I bravely said “I’m full, I think my tummy’s gonna explode, I don’t wanna eat anymore”  I’m so brave, aren’t I? 🙂
Finally, it’s time to go home. My sister’s bestfriend didn’t even tell us how much was the bill..-it doesn’t matter for me though, cause in the first place I or/ we already know that we’re going to eat there for free. Do you think I’m rude to say that? But hey, i admit it, i have a point…right? ooorrrr not? nevermind  😀
What’s the lesson at the end of the day?
Practice how to eat properly before you go to an expensive resto. for dinner.!

There’s nothing more delicious than Free meals..  😀

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August Rush (movie)

March 8, 2011 at 3:33 pm (writings) (, , )

We watched a movie entitled “August Rush” for our school work. The movie was all about music-music that naturally grows in a boy’s heart to be specific. (Well, I am a music lover…So the movie “August Rush” suits me very well.)
-I’m not saying that only music lovers can appreciate the movie-everyone can.
The music in the movie uplifts emotions in some way. It was exciting and emotional though I was not satisfied in the ending; still I had fun watching it.
The story was about a boy looking for his parents through music. A boy named Evan who loves music more than food.  Evan has a natural talent when it comes to music-maybe because his parents were both musicians. He makes the noise a beautiful music.  He learns how to play an instrument the moment he touches it. He learned how to play guitar in just one night without anyone teaching him. He learned how to play piano with a simple “F-A-C-E” then learned how to play an organ. He was sent to The Julliard School. He was the youngest there. Then he had his own concert. Where he was the composer and the conductor. The concert reunited Evan, his mom, and his dad.
August Rush was indeed a great movie.

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