August Rush (movie)

March 8, 2011 at 3:33 pm (writings) (, , )

We watched a movie entitled “August Rush” for our school work. The movie was all about music-music that naturally grows in a boy’s heart to be specific. (Well, I am a music lover…So the movie “August Rush” suits me very well.)
-I’m not saying that only music lovers can appreciate the movie-everyone can.
The music in the movie uplifts emotions in some way. It was exciting and emotional though I was not satisfied in the ending; still I had fun watching it.
The story was about a boy looking for his parents through music. A boy named Evan who loves music more than food.  Evan has a natural talent when it comes to music-maybe because his parents were both musicians. He makes the noise a beautiful music.  He learns how to play an instrument the moment he touches it. He learned how to play guitar in just one night without anyone teaching him. He learned how to play piano with a simple “F-A-C-E” then learned how to play an organ. He was sent to The Julliard School. He was the youngest there. Then he had his own concert. Where he was the composer and the conductor. The concert reunited Evan, his mom, and his dad.
August Rush was indeed a great movie.



  1. Broken Sparkles said,

    I love that movie! Thanks for visiting me! Nice to meet you! Blaga

    • my mind said,

      who wouldn’t…the movie was great! nice to meet you too 🙂
      hope you visit me again..haha

  2. cutepinklol said,

    I haven’t seen this one. The youtube clip looks good. Nicely written blog. Thanks for visiting me.

    • my mind said,

      well i suggest you watch this’ll enjoy watching it..thank you for visiting me back!

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