The Pretenders

March 8, 2011 at 5:08 pm (writings) ()

I’ve always wanted to know how it feels like, when someone’s opening the car’s door for me, when someones leading my way to my seat, when someone’s greeting me “Goodevening Ma’am”. Well last weekend I experienced all of that, and wew! that was fun.
So me and my two sisters..and my 7year old niece, went to a five star hotel for dinner (that was my first time)-so obviously, i don’t know like what to do or how i should behave,  cause i’m totally aware that all of the people in that resto. were freakin’ rich-unlike us, ofcourse. Maybe you’re asking why or what the hell are we doing there. I mean, that place is for rich people. And we ain’t rich..Well that’s because we’re there…for FREE. My sister’s bestfriend, she’s the one who’s gonna pay for our dinner. (she’s rich, she lives in a condo. worth more than a million pesos, she has a gorgeous phone/phones, she can shop ’till her feet starts to have its own mind and stop by its ownself, she’s just…one of those people…those…….rich people)
So there we are, sittin’, relaxing (well I’m trying), trying to blend in. Behaving at our best,  acting like were “one of them”. So they gave us the menu, I let my sisters order for me, cause i really don’t know what were the words in the menu (i don’t even know if those words in the menu were even food!) and  the price? it kinda made my blood pressure, uhmm..yah know  😀

There were like, two knives at the right side and two forks at the left side, a small plate with a small knife on it. So waitress left, (at last!), then i whispered “you guys know how to use this things?”.  My sister whispered back: “I think you should use the outer fork or knife at the first food that they’ll gonna serve”
As we sit there i feel like everyone’s lookin’ at us, “maybe they were talking about us, or whatsoever” I felt more conscious.
The food was served after 60 years..So we ate, there’s a lot of food..then it’s pizza time, thats when i gave up! I mean, heellooo!!! We’re eating pizza using a fork and a knife! That really pissed me off. I put down the fork and knife, and I bravely said “I’m full, I think my tummy’s gonna explode, I don’t wanna eat anymore”  I’m so brave, aren’t I? 🙂
Finally, it’s time to go home. My sister’s bestfriend didn’t even tell us how much was the bill..-it doesn’t matter for me though, cause in the first place I or/ we already know that we’re going to eat there for free. Do you think I’m rude to say that? But hey, i admit it, i have a point…right? ooorrrr not? nevermind  😀
What’s the lesson at the end of the day?
Practice how to eat properly before you go to an expensive resto. for dinner.!

There’s nothing more delicious than Free meals..  😀



  1. Jessica said,

    hey i enjoyed reading that!
    I know what you mean about all the courses some of these reataurants have. I usually miss the ‘starter’, some of them are as big as the mains!
    I think the rule is to work from the outside in with the cutlery.
    someone here in the UK just won £17 million on the lottery – I guess they’ll be eating in places like that every day!
    Nice write!

    • my mind said,

      wow…great! you know how it feels..haha..
      oOohhh..that’s a lot of money, that’s like more than a billion in our country…
      well, if i were them, i’d still prefer eating in fast food chains
      behaving like that while eating made me more hungry! ugh! 🙂

  2. AJ said,

    Is chivalry really dead that you had to go to a 5-star hotel to have someone open the door for you and lead you? 😀

    I can relate, though. I’m probably poorer than you so it’s a welcome change for me to be served hand and foot! And yeah, I never know which fork and knife to use at any given time! Haha!

  3. my mind said,

    we ate there for free..haha..we’re poorer than you think we are 😀

  4. Sweepy Jean said,

    That’s nice that you got to enjoy a really nice meal. We all deserve a treat once in a while. Next time pick up the pizza with your fingers. Nobody will blame you! 🙂

    • my mind said,

      i sure will Jean…that made me crave for pizza..haha

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