Birthday Wishes

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I was not thinking about my debut (18th birthday). Because I know that I will never have the party I’ve always wanted. We have too many debts to pay for. Besides, it’s too early to think about that. I mean, my birthday is on December 20 and its only July.

But there was this time when we-me and my family-went to a mall. That time there was…like an exhibit…there were different booths at the whole area (It’s actually for wedding events, but they do other occasions too). Then we decided to check it out. They registered my name as a debutant to get in. And when we’re in, everything seems to be superb for me! The first booth I saw were photo booths for rent, (each booth gives us flyers containing informations, like contact numbers and emails and websites, and the rates of course). Then Ate (eldest sister) asked me,

“how much are the photo booths?”

“The first booth…9000php for 4hours…The other booth is 7500 for 4hours” I answered.

“Mura na! Pwede na yan.” She said.

I was shocked. Like…WHAT!? Is she serious!?-well I didn’t say that out loud ofcourse.   😀

And we continued walking…checking one booth to another. I was really amazed. I saw photos, like they’re having some kind of a pictorial. They looked like pro models for me. And I was watching cinematography-which is so cool I can’t take my eyes off it. I really want to have that on my debut party too. But unfortunately, the price will surely give my siblings a heart attack.

Aaand we continued checking the other booths again. There were cute gowns, very very cute 4 layered cakes, invitations with different themes. My sister were like, “hey A, you like this and that?” “Ohw look at that. Look at the cake, how much is it? Look at that gown. Look at that invitation! How much is it?”…that’s when I started to be soooo excited ‘bout my debut party (which I know—–IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AT ALL).

Since then I’ve always had that day dream of a perfect debut party. I was thinking too much about it, I find it hard to sleep. I was day dreaming instead of having a real dream while sleeping. I was imagining too much, I created a wish list in my mind. Instead of writing it down on a paper and posting it on my closet…I decided to post it on my blog. Why? Well simply because it’ll be very embarrassing if my siblings or my mom knew about it.

Now, about my wish list 🙂


My father passed away last may 31 (today is July 23). So my first wish is…..

1.)  I wish my father would be there on my birthday. And if possible…I wish he’ll be there ALIVE.


The day after we went to that mall was the 18th birthday of “D.”-a rich-brat-childish-annoying classmate of mine when I was in grade school-she posted a picture of her invitation in our group on facebook. So I clicked on it, and there I saw that she had a photo shoot. That’s how I knew about the “pre-debut photo shoot”. I was so insecure, ooohw how I wish I could have a pre debut photo shoot too. So I started searching the net about pre debut photo shoots. I really had fun looking at those pictures-at the same time, having that I-wish-I-was-her feeling. Then I clicked on this Eunis pre debut photo shoot on google and it brought me to Jraon’s photography website. The pictures were awesome! So my second wish…obviously……

2.) I wish I could have a pre debut and debut photo shoot with JRAON photography.


Only my long-time boyfriend and close friends know that I am so into photography. I’ve always imagined myself as a pro photographer capturing every moment of life. We only have a 5megapixel camera at home, and now it’s a little bit broken. There was this time that my dite’s (second elder sister) co-worker visited us here at our province- in Bataan. She brought her Nikon camera with her, and of course I borrowed it. I took pictures of the flowers, the leaves, everything! I had fun taking pictures everywhere! I was impressed on the outcome of the pictures I have taken. My brother’s fiancé has a Nikon camera too. I did the same. Then I said, “I’ll have one of this someday”.  For my third wish…

3.)  I wish I could have a DSLR Canon camera.

(funny, I was talking about Nikon camera, then I wished for a Canon camera. Hahaha 😀 )


I loved drawing since I was a child, and I’m quite good at it. I really love designing gowns, I even have compilations of my drawings/designs on a clear book. Fourth wish?

4.)  I wish I could wear a gown that I designed personally on my debut.


For me girls who know how to drive are cool. I have always imagined myself driving a four wheel or a motorbike. Fifth wish…

5.)  I wish I could have a cool-black sports car.

(though I really don’t know how to drive 😀  )


I was really sad when my father left us, so for my sixth wish

6.)  I wish each member of our family or anyone whom I love will be healthy and safe in every second of their life. I don’t want to lose any loved one again.

Well, what more could I wish for? Hmm…maybe that’s it!

……………………for now! 😉   (I still have 5 months ‘till my birthday! Haha  LOL  😛 )


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