The story why I am hurting right now

May 25, 2012 at 2:38 am (love, relationship)

this started like two months ago,  i broke up with him because i think he is so naive and insensitive. But after two weeks I realized that I missed him so much and that I can’t live without him anymore (we’ve been together for more that 3 years). But when I approached him that I want us back together the unexpected happened, he doesn’t want me anymore…he said he will come back to me, he just needs time to fix everything because he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore. And there i begged, “please don’t leave me, i can’t handle this”. But his decision was final I could do nothing to change it.

Well you see, he’s not like that, he’s the kind of a guy that would kneel in front of me for my forgiveness. He loved me so much back then, but in just two weeks, all of it has changed. HE HAS CHANGED.

but despite of that we still see each other, he goes to our house, we’ll have a good time, laughter, hugs and kisses, but the feeling is not complete though, then this thought will come to my mind, why doesn’t he want me back, we’re happy, like what it used to be. I can’t understand everything! but i decided not to open the topic cause i know it’ll all be complicated again.

so we’ve been like that for two months, there are some boys whose interested to me, but I did not entertain them because despite of him not wanting me, he still love me, and doesn’t want me to entertain suitors. So last night we talked, then we had a fight, I got mad at him because he was acting sarcastic because there was a guy who liked me, who told me that I looked blooming that he wants to court me. So i told him what’s wrong with that!? don’t act as if like you’re my boyfriend (i know it’s my fault, i have such a bad mouth when I’m angry)

so he said, “yeah you’re right. Do whatever you want to do”

just when i thought that it doesn’t hurt anymore…last night all the pain came back

there’s a reason behind what i said, because i want him to say that he want me back because he doesn’t want me to be with any other guy but him.

but last night instead of saying that, it happened like the other way around

he chose to give me to others that to come back to me  😦


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