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May 10, 2011..

Me and my boyfriend, we haven’t seen each other for two weeks, so we planned to see each other that day. But instead of going to his house to see him, I went to the bus station traveled for Four(4) hours just to see JUSTIN BIEBER and hear him sing LIVE.–i apologized to my boyfriend,  ofcourse–

There were so many people out there! And while everybody there were going crazy I was there..ALONE…

The countdown started..then Justin B. came first, I don’t want to scream, i was shy because I was alone out there..kinda feels awkward to go wild having no one with me..But when he took his shades off then HE SMILED gosh!! there goes my throat! haha…I couldn’t help it! he’s so irresistable!!

I was kinda sad though, because I was at the last row..I was just staring at the screen..and when I looked at the stage, I could only see his shirt! ohhww, how I wish the stage was a little bit more higher so that I could see him better..or better yet,, I wish I was in the VIP section so that I could see his face much closer!!

I wish he’ll have another concert here in Philippines again..and I will be one of the first who will know about it. Why? So that I could earn 8000 Pesos to afford the VIP ticket..there I’ll see his face much closer!! well, I guess I really am a BELIEBER!!!  😀


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Love Forgives and Forgets

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This started when me and my ex boyfriend started fighting more often. Then this day came when our argument got worst and leads to break up. We still have communication-text and call each other- trying to fix things but unfortunately we ended up blaming each other. And it can’t get any worst.

Because of what happened his attitude towards me has changed. He could resist me. He doesn’t text me, visit me at school, etc, etc,. I mean he’s not that, he doesn’t do all that. He just suddenly changed. And it all happened in just a week.

So we still have an unfinished business, so we still text and call each other. We did break up, but it’s not official yet. So that means we’re still not allowed to flirt with anybody, besides only a week had passed.

So me and my friends (Wendy and Justine) had an idea… “What if we text him using other cellphone number and pretend like we’re some other girl who likes him?”

Aaand we did it. We texted him “HELLO”..After  few hours he replied “Who’s this?”

“What am I going to say?” I asked Justine. “Invent a name!” she said “How ‘bout TRISH?”.. “TRISH sounds good”

“I’m Trish, I’ve been seeing you in school a lot” I said

“Oh really? Who gave you my number?” he said

“Think of an alibi” Wendy and Justine said…

“He might get angry if I tell you that he gave your number to me” I said

“Why is that so? Hmm.. so what course are you taking up?” he replied

“HRM.. how ‘bout you? What’s your department? Your uniform’s blue shirt right?”

“yeah.. I study BSIT..” he replied

“Ask him if he has a girlfriend” my friend said

“ you have a girlfriend?’ I texted as my heart pounded harder getting more nervous of what’s he’s going to answer. Is it gonna be YES or NO. I wish he says YES I DO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND I thought.

“Actually, we just broke up..hehe(laugh)” he replied

“Ouch!” I said.. I wasn’t expecting that. (In our two years relationship, we had a lot of break ups. And whenever someone asks him did we break up. He’ll answer “NO” even though the truth is we did break up. So I was really surprised when he answered that “WE JUST BROKE UP”. It really hurts, I want to cry but that time)

“Oh, so could I be your new one? Haha..just kidding” I replied

“Haha..funny…so what do you look like?” he said

“OH MY GOSH! Now he’s interested. What a jerk he still know that you guys are still like attached. Right?” my friend said. “Tell him you want to him meet him in person”

“What if we meet in person? There you’ll know what I look like.” I texted.

“Next time maybe.. I’m afraid I might fall in love with you when I met you..haha” he said

That, is what I really did not expect. He never does that with other girls. He never got interested with other girls. That’s when I started to cry, I cried so hard.. “Stop crying” my friends said.. then they were the one texting him when I was crying.

When I can’t take it anymore I texted him and told him who I really am.

“Do you really want to know who gave you cellphone number? Do you know Allicah?”

Then he did not replied for a while, “I did not mean to do that” he said “WTF Nick!! What do you mean you did not mean to do that!!” I feel like my blood’s boiling in so much anger.

The argument lasts for 2 days, he still insists that he did not meant to do what he did. Then I went to his house to talk to him. It’s been a week since we last met. It was the first time we met after the break up.

So we had the talk..”I’m really sorry, I wasn’t serious about everything I said I was just making fun”..”Making fun!? What? You didn’t even thought of’re having fun with your textmate while I’m having a hard time crying because of you? You didn’t even thought of that!? You’re a big jerk Nick! I hate you!!  You know it’s not you, the old you would never do that”

“ I know… but I really don’t know what’s gotten into me.. why I did that.. but please believe me, I still love you. And it will never change. I will love you forever”

“Oh c’mon! do you really think I would believe you!? Why should I believe the guy who wasted my trust!?”

“ I promise I will make it up to you. I will do everything. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

I cried..and cried and cried.. and I felt his warm body hugged me tighter and tighter. I missed that hug. I missed that old him. I closed my eyes because it got hurt because of so much crying. Then I felt his lips kissed my cheeks twice. Those warm hug and kiss, I really missed it. Then he touched my chin, pulled my face towards him, and kissed me. We had a passionate kiss, a kiss that we both missed. While kissing him I felt like he never did something wrong and he really loves me.

But of course I will not let it happened just like that. I will not make up with unless you do something romantic with full of efforts. I want to see your sincerity. “I will do everything just wait…I Love You So So Much..I wish you forgive me..I’ll never do that I again..I promise”

Then we smiled at each other like nothing happened at all…

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♥ Gifts From His Heart ♥

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broke up couple of weeks ago…

Valentines Day came, thought it’ll be same as my ordinary days

Then I saw him coming, with a paper bag on his right hand, there are flowers in it.

under the flowers were a Card and “His Heart”…

That was the most special gift…because it was A Gift From My Man’s Heart.

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The Story Of Revenge Chapter 4

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I can’t sleep because mom can’t sleep. I cry because mom cries…all day…all night.

It’s been a month since dad left us. Mom’s acting like that for a month. So I decided to tell her the truth.

“Mom? I…I want to tell you something,”

“Is it about your dad?.”


“Is he coming home!?”

I started to cry…  “No mom. He’s not.”

“Why the heck are you crying!?…uhhhh…Did…Did he told you when he’s coming home?”

“He’s not coming home mom… He’s never gonna come back home.”

“W-What are saying!? You’re kidding right? Stop lying!!”

“I’m not lying mom!! He’s with his wife now, his…legitimate wife. His wife’s cancer is getting worst because of us. So dad decided to be with her, his wife needs him.”

“What about us!? We need him too…What if..What if we tell him I’m badly ill too? Maybe he comes back when he knew that.”

“Mom, why don’t we just give up. His legitimate family is still more important than us.”

“Give up?”

“We don’t have a chance to win him back because in the first place, he was never ours.”

“Yeah…yeah…yeah!!” she laughed so hard, then suddenly she cried. I hugged mom so tight. Seeing mom so broken breaks me.

I wondered, what if Gale’s mom didn’t knew about us, maybe her cancer wouldn’t be so worst that dad have to leave us. Then I realized that I ended up blaming mom and myself for what happened.

I left mom in her room when she fell asleep after crying so hard. We had a long day, we need to have a long rest…

I woke up late the next day; I went to mom’s room the moment I woke up-she’s  not there. I went downstairs, looked for her in the kitchen-not there either. My heart began to beat faster. I went back in her room, I noticed that the shower room was open; when I saw mom’s feet inside the shower room, I calmed down. But when I went inside the shower room, my eyes widened, there were blood all over her and all over the floor and a blade full of blood; mom was there, lying on the floor…lifeless.


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The Story Of Revenge Chapter 3

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I went back to dad’s house, not because I want to see or talk to him- because I know he’s not going to tell me anything- I just want to see Gale there, because she’s the one I want to talk with. I slept outside their house that night. The wait was worth it because the next day-around 6 a.m.-Gale went home, she saw me sitting beside their gate…sleeping. Actually I was awakened by her; she asked what am I doing there. I hugged her the moment I saw her to make her believe that I was there because I miss her.

“Hey… I was worried, where the hell have you been? Why aren’t you answering my calls?”.

“How long have you been here?”.

“Since last night…what happened? Your maid said your mom’s in hospital, how’s she doing? She alright?”.

“Since last night!? Are you serious? I’m sorry Lizzy, I never thought you’re that serious about this that you even slept outside our house…awwww…I really am sorry Lizzy”.

“Of course I am that serious! I’m your best friend, remember!? So…about your mom?”

“Let’s talk about it inside, have breakfast with me.”

We went inside their gorgeous big house; we went in their dining room, we talked about her mom while eating breakfast.

“After mom knew about dad’s other woman, and after he left us for a couple of months…mom won’t eat; can’t sleep either…all she does is crying. And it made her cancer worst. So we have to take her to the hospital, she have to stay there for a while. And she needs to undergo an operation… Good thing dad went home after he knew about mom’s condition.”

“Ohh…that’s what happened.”

“Now you know why I wasn’t able to call you back. I hope you understand, I hope you’re not mad at me.”

“N-No!! Not at all! Why would I be mad? Know what, I’m gonna tell mom to pray for your mom. We’ll both pray for your mom’s health.”

“Thank you so much Lizzy, much appreciated. You’re the best friend ever.”

“That’s what friends are for.”

That’s when I figured it all out. Dad left us because of his wife’s condition. I want to cry by that time, I really want to. Good thing Gale has to go back to the hospital after we ate breakfast. She wants to drive me home but I refused. The moment she left, I cried my eyes out. I thought dad chose us, and he will never leave us no matter what happen. I thought we’re the one he loves now, not his legitimate wife and daughter. But I was wrong, he still loves his them than us. It hurts so badly; it really hurts. One more thing bothers me, I don’t know how to tell mom; I don’t know how’s she gonna take this; I don’t even know if she can take this. This is so hard for me. Isn’t this too much for a 13 year old girl?


I went back in the hospital to check mom’s condition. The doctor said mom’s condition isn’t serious so I discharged her that instance. She needs to have a long rest so that she can have all the strength she needs. I know how weak mom can be when it comes to dad.

“Hey mom… How are you? I already paid the hospital bill, we can go home now.”

“Where have you been? Are you aware that you left your mom alone while she’s in the hospital?”

“I just have to…to…to do…something, that’s why…Mom let’s not talk about it ok?”

Not talk about it!?”

“Mom! Would you please give me a break!? Please!!!”


“Haha…funny… Whatever mom! C’mon! Let’s hit the road! Don’t you miss our house?

Mom smiled “I don’t miss our house sweetheart. I miss you dad”

“The taxi’s waiting downstairs…we don’t wanna keep the driver waiting”. I gave her a big smile, but deep inside my heart is breaking little by little.


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The Story Of Revenge Chapter 2

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So we stepped in high school, and the real competition began. I became the class president, the freshmen’s governor and I ran as the one of the schools’ officer. I joined almost all of the clubs, I joined the school’s news paper team, the singing and dancing club of the school was on my list too. But my schedule became overloaded so I have to give some of it. But still, my competition with Gale was successful cause obviously I won over Gale almost everything. It doesn’t matter if I’m being fair with Gale or not as long as I am winning. But still, there is the guilt that was bothering me, so in return I tried to be the best of friend to Gale.

The plan to be the best daughter was perfect! It was successful. Dad visits us more often since then. He was so happy every time I tell him stories about my accomplishments. “You’re much better than Gale”. That was like the best thing I’ve ever heard from dad.

But something unexpected happened, Gale’s mother knew about us. Mom called dad unfortunately Gale’s mom answered the phone. Then Gale started telling me stories about her mom and our dad arguing more often- I don’t know if that’s good news for me or not. As time passed by, Gale’s parents’ fight got worst and worst. It was so worst that dad have to leave them. Dad lived with us for a couple of months, me and my mom were so happy that dad is with us that I don’t care if Gale’s crying all the time.

Then there was this Saturday night that dad answered a phone call that made him jump out of his bed at the middle of the night and he left with his pajamas on. We thought it was just a business emergency, but dad didn’t go home the next day. Mom sent him like 10 voice messages but he didn’t even call back. So I tried to contact Gale to know if maybe dad’s with them, but Gale didn’t answer any of my calls or text messages-and that’s unusual, cause usually whenever I text Gale she answers back immediately.

The next day-Monday- I thought of approaching Gale in school first thing in the morning to know if dad’s with them but didn’t went to school that day. We haven’t heard anything from dad from a week now, and Gale’s still absent. I told mom that I’m planning to visit Gale in their house to see if dad’s there but mom didn’t agree with me, she said dad might get angry. So we did nothing but to wait for dad to call. After a week and 3 days dad called, I was watching mom as she talks to dad on the phone then suddenly she cried.

“Please, Honey don’t do this to us, I’m begging you, please don’t”.

“What’s wrong mom?”.

“N-No! Don’t hang up! Let’s talk about this!”. Then the phone slipped from mom’s hand then mom fainted. So I called for help. Good thing the neighbours were too kind to help me bring mom to the hospital. I was calling dad but he didn’t even bothered to answer.

I left mom in the hospital while she’s still unconscious. I went home to get her some of her things she could use while she’s in the hospital. Then as I was packing some of mom’s shirts I heard dad’s car so I went downstairs immediately, there I saw dad, then I hugged him so tight.

“Dad, good thing you’re here. I was so afraid, I didn’t know what to do, mom fainted she’s still unconscious in the hospital. The doctor said she had a nervous breakdown”. I was waiting for him to talk but dad didn’t say a thing. Then I noticed a big bag and two more small bags beside him.

“What’s that for dad? Are those mom’s things? Aren’t those too much? Does mom need all of that?”.

“It’s mine Izzy”. Whoa! I thought he’s never gonna talk again-but then I thought, what’s he going to do with those bags. Then I remembered mom’s last words while talking to dad before she fainted. My eyes opened widely when I realized what’s going on. I looked at dad, then I started to cry.

“Please tell me I’m wrong! Tell me!!!” I shouted.

Dad just closed his eyes and said… “I’m sorry sweetheart. I really am sorry. I love you, I always will. I just have to this. Please take care of your mom and yourself. Ok?”. He gave an envelope full of money “Take this”. He said, kissed my forehead and then he left.

I was so curious why dad left us so suddenly, so I went to their house. I rang the door bell, then one of their maids went out.

“Uhm. Hello, good evening, is Gale there? I’m her friend, Lizzy.”

“Oh. I’m sorry but Gale’s not here”.

“Oh. Is that so… Where is she? She with her parents? Where did they go?”.

“The Hillsman family went to the hospital, they had to confine Mrs. Hillsman because she’s badly ill and she has to undergo an operation. So you better go home now”.

“Oh. Ok, thank you”. I went back to the hospital, I was gone for a while, maybe mom’s already awake.

“Where the hell have you been Izzy!?”.

“I got you some shirts here mom, you wanna change?”.

“No! I want to go home!”.

“You need to have a rest mom”.

“But sweetheart, I should be there when your dad goes home, we need to talk”.

“He’s not going home anymore mom”.

“W-What are you talking about!?”.

“I’ll tell you everything when you’re strong enough to handle it Ok!? I don’t want you to faint again…”.

“Oh c’mon!! Just spit it out! Who said I’m not strong enough to handle things!”.

“Gosh mom! You fainted while talking to dad on phone! Now tell me your strong enough!”.

“Just tell it, I can’t wait anymore!”.

“Gosh! Stop acting like a child mom!”.

“And stop acting like an old lady Lizzy Tyler!”.

“I said I’m gonna tell you what dad said when your strong enough to handle it! And when I know the whole story already”. I threw mom a shirt, “there! You go change your shirt! Then take a rest”. I became more desperate to find Gale; I really need to know what really happened.


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The Story Of Revenge Chapter 1

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I was 7 years old, a 2nd grader, when my parents told me that on my 3rd grade in elementary, they will transfer me to an exclusive school, where the students are freaking rich. I don’t have any idea why they did that. All I know is that I was there because of Gale. My father said I am not allowed to make friends there, I’m only allowed to be friends with Gale. I was confused, what does Gale have to do with us. Why do I have to transfer to that school, and why can’t I be friends with the other kids but Gale. Gale! Gale! Gale! Who is she anyway!? Then the day came, the day that I was waiting for, the day when my dad answered all my questions, the day when he told me that Gale is my sister. Then more questions popped in my mind, Gale is my sister!? How could that be!? How could she be my sister, she doesn’t even live with us, if she’s my sister, why don’t we have the same mother?! And why am I not allowed to tell her that she is my sister. I was still confused. Actually, it made me more confused. When I asked all of those questions to my dad, he got mad. So I never bothered to ask him again. I was afraid that he’ll get mad again.


So the first day of school in St. John Academy came, as I was expecting, nobody wants to talk to me, except Gale. She’s the only one who approached me; she had that one big cute smile at me. Then I told myself, it’s not that bad after all, she’s nice, I did not expected that she’ll be that nice to me. I forgot that being friends with Gale was dad’s order, because I realized that I don’t have to take it as an order. I and Gale had been good friends since then. We became BFF actually.

A couple of years had passed. It was my 13th birthday and I had just graduated grade school by that time. Gale and my mom threw a surprise party for me. My friends, my BFF Gale, and my mom, they were all there, except dad. I don’t know why Gale can’t see him there. I still don’t know why I can’t tell Gale that she is my sister.

The party was over, “Did Gale went home already?” my mom asked.

“Yup!? Why?”.

“Great! Now your dad can come over now.

“W-wait, what!? Gale has to leave first before dad comes over here, why is that so!?”.


“God mom! Why don’t you just tell me the truth!!!?”.

“Let’s wait for your dad”.

“What for!? Can’t you tell me that yourself!?”.

Then mom sat down and she started to cry “I don’t know how to tell you sweetheart, please let’s wait for your dad”.

“No mom!! I want to know the truth!! NOW!!!”.

”Ok! Ok!! Just promise me that you’ll forgive me and your dad after this”.


“Sweetheart…you can’t tell Gale that she’s your sister because….B-because…”.

“Because what mom!!?”.

“Because she’s your father’s daughter with his legitimate wife!!”.

”L-Legitimate…Legitimate wife!? What do you mean Legitimate wife!?”.

“Izzy, sweetheart, me and your dad weren’t legally married, because we can’t!”.

Then I started to cry, “Why can’t you and dad get married? You’ve been together for a couple of years, you even have me as your daughter, so why can’t you!?”.

“Because, I was just your dad’s other woman. His family isn’t aware that we exists…that you exists! That’s why”.

I felt like the whole world stopped spinning, and I felt like my heart stopped beating too. “Mom, I don’t think I can wait for dad anymore, G-Goodnight mom”… Then I left mom in our kitchen, I went upstairs, in my room, crying..

I heard dad came, then after a while, someone knocked on my door. It’s dad I said to myself, maybe mom have told him that I know the truth already, “Sweetheart? It’s me, dad, please open the door, let’s talk. We don’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that we don’t know how to tell you”.

“Go away dad! I don’t want to talk with you guys…ever again!”.

“C’mon sweetheart, let’s talk about it, let’s fix the problem, I promise I’m gonna make things up with you”

“And how are you going to do that dad!? You made my life nothing but a lie!”

“We shouldn’t talk like this. Open the door sweetheart, and then we’ll talk about it”.

I opened the door, my eyes were swollen yet I’m still crying. We sat on my bed, then we had ‘The Talk’.

“Dad, you made me lie to Gale! Now how are you gonna fix that huh!? I’m gonna tell Gale the truth first thing tomorrow!”

“Please sweetheart don’t. You can’t!”

“And why can’t I!? I thought you’re going to fix this!? If you really want to, then start telling your family the truth!”

“Sweetheart, see… Gale’s mom, my…my…my w-wife, she has cancer. So if she knew about this, she might die. You understand?”

“Ok, so what now? We’re gonna continue all of this, live happily like nothing’s wrong!?”

“That’s how it all should be sweetheart, just don’t mind it ok. Leave it to us, we’ll take care of it”.

“What about Gale? What if she knew about this? I don’t want her to hate me”.

“That’s why we’re gonna keep this a secret, you’re gonna tell this to anybody, we’ll keep this between you, me and you’re mom. Ok?”

Then dad kissed me on my forehead and he left without saying goodbye. After I heard his car left mom went inside my room.

“Look, I know you’re upset, but think about this. If Gale and her mom knew about this, you’re dad’s gonna leave us. Now tell me, do you want that to happen?”


“Then stop acting like that! Show your best behaviour instead! Impress your father. That’s what you’re gonna do. You’re in a competition with Gale. Remember that!”

“Why should I compete with Gale? I don’t understand”.

“If you win over Gale, you’ll win your father’s Love and attention”.

I’m not sure if mom was brainwashing me or whatsoever. But for some point, I realized that mom was right. I should be competing with Gale, for my father’s love and attention.


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