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May 10, 2011..

Me and my boyfriend, we haven’t seen each other for two weeks, so we planned to see each other that day. But instead of going to his house to see him, I went to the bus station traveled for Four(4) hours just to see JUSTIN BIEBER and hear him sing LIVE.–i apologized to my boyfriend,  ofcourse–

There were so many people out there! And while everybody there were going crazy I was there..ALONE…

The countdown started..then Justin B. came first, I don’t want to scream, i was shy because I was alone out there..kinda feels awkward to go wild having no one with me..But when he took his shades off then HE SMILED gosh!! there goes my throat! haha…I couldn’t help it! he’s so irresistable!!

I was kinda sad though, because I was at the last row..I was just staring at the screen..and when I looked at the stage, I could only see his shirt! ohhww, how I wish the stage was a little bit more higher so that I could see him better..or better yet,, I wish I was in the VIP section so that I could see his face much closer!!

I wish he’ll have another concert here in Philippines again..and I will be one of the first who will know about it. Why? So that I could earn 8000 Pesos to afford the VIP ticket..there I’ll see his face much closer!! well, I guess I really am a BELIEBER!!!  😀


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