The Story Of Revenge Chapter 1

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I was 7 years old, a 2nd grader, when my parents told me that on my 3rd grade in elementary, they will transfer me to an exclusive school, where the students are freaking rich. I don’t have any idea why they did that. All I know is that I was there because of Gale. My father said I am not allowed to make friends there, I’m only allowed to be friends with Gale. I was confused, what does Gale have to do with us. Why do I have to transfer to that school, and why can’t I be friends with the other kids but Gale. Gale! Gale! Gale! Who is she anyway!? Then the day came, the day that I was waiting for, the day when my dad answered all my questions, the day when he told me that Gale is my sister. Then more questions popped in my mind, Gale is my sister!? How could that be!? How could she be my sister, she doesn’t even live with us, if she’s my sister, why don’t we have the same mother?! And why am I not allowed to tell her that she is my sister. I was still confused. Actually, it made me more confused. When I asked all of those questions to my dad, he got mad. So I never bothered to ask him again. I was afraid that he’ll get mad again.


So the first day of school in St. John Academy came, as I was expecting, nobody wants to talk to me, except Gale. She’s the only one who approached me; she had that one big cute smile at me. Then I told myself, it’s not that bad after all, she’s nice, I did not expected that she’ll be that nice to me. I forgot that being friends with Gale was dad’s order, because I realized that I don’t have to take it as an order. I and Gale had been good friends since then. We became BFF actually.

A couple of years had passed. It was my 13th birthday and I had just graduated grade school by that time. Gale and my mom threw a surprise party for me. My friends, my BFF Gale, and my mom, they were all there, except dad. I don’t know why Gale can’t see him there. I still don’t know why I can’t tell Gale that she is my sister.

The party was over, “Did Gale went home already?” my mom asked.

“Yup!? Why?”.

“Great! Now your dad can come over now.

“W-wait, what!? Gale has to leave first before dad comes over here, why is that so!?”.


“God mom! Why don’t you just tell me the truth!!!?”.

“Let’s wait for your dad”.

“What for!? Can’t you tell me that yourself!?”.

Then mom sat down and she started to cry “I don’t know how to tell you sweetheart, please let’s wait for your dad”.

“No mom!! I want to know the truth!! NOW!!!”.

”Ok! Ok!! Just promise me that you’ll forgive me and your dad after this”.


“Sweetheart…you can’t tell Gale that she’s your sister because….B-because…”.

“Because what mom!!?”.

“Because she’s your father’s daughter with his legitimate wife!!”.

”L-Legitimate…Legitimate wife!? What do you mean Legitimate wife!?”.

“Izzy, sweetheart, me and your dad weren’t legally married, because we can’t!”.

Then I started to cry, “Why can’t you and dad get married? You’ve been together for a couple of years, you even have me as your daughter, so why can’t you!?”.

“Because, I was just your dad’s other woman. His family isn’t aware that we exists…that you exists! That’s why”.

I felt like the whole world stopped spinning, and I felt like my heart stopped beating too. “Mom, I don’t think I can wait for dad anymore, G-Goodnight mom”… Then I left mom in our kitchen, I went upstairs, in my room, crying..

I heard dad came, then after a while, someone knocked on my door. It’s dad I said to myself, maybe mom have told him that I know the truth already, “Sweetheart? It’s me, dad, please open the door, let’s talk. We don’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that we don’t know how to tell you”.

“Go away dad! I don’t want to talk with you guys…ever again!”.

“C’mon sweetheart, let’s talk about it, let’s fix the problem, I promise I’m gonna make things up with you”

“And how are you going to do that dad!? You made my life nothing but a lie!”

“We shouldn’t talk like this. Open the door sweetheart, and then we’ll talk about it”.

I opened the door, my eyes were swollen yet I’m still crying. We sat on my bed, then we had ‘The Talk’.

“Dad, you made me lie to Gale! Now how are you gonna fix that huh!? I’m gonna tell Gale the truth first thing tomorrow!”

“Please sweetheart don’t. You can’t!”

“And why can’t I!? I thought you’re going to fix this!? If you really want to, then start telling your family the truth!”

“Sweetheart, see… Gale’s mom, my…my…my w-wife, she has cancer. So if she knew about this, she might die. You understand?”

“Ok, so what now? We’re gonna continue all of this, live happily like nothing’s wrong!?”

“That’s how it all should be sweetheart, just don’t mind it ok. Leave it to us, we’ll take care of it”.

“What about Gale? What if she knew about this? I don’t want her to hate me”.

“That’s why we’re gonna keep this a secret, you’re gonna tell this to anybody, we’ll keep this between you, me and you’re mom. Ok?”

Then dad kissed me on my forehead and he left without saying goodbye. After I heard his car left mom went inside my room.

“Look, I know you’re upset, but think about this. If Gale and her mom knew about this, you’re dad’s gonna leave us. Now tell me, do you want that to happen?”


“Then stop acting like that! Show your best behaviour instead! Impress your father. That’s what you’re gonna do. You’re in a competition with Gale. Remember that!”

“Why should I compete with Gale? I don’t understand”.

“If you win over Gale, you’ll win your father’s Love and attention”.

I’m not sure if mom was brainwashing me or whatsoever. But for some point, I realized that mom was right. I should be competing with Gale, for my father’s love and attention.



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